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Variants and sizes

TRIF LANE is a series of linear LED luminaires for installation in the ground. Designed for arranging various geometrical lighting patterns on the streets, sidewalks and squares. The luminaires can be manufactured with various radial angles of bending, which allows to create lighting circles around monuments, trees and other urban landscape objects.

Specifications LANE

Color temperature (K) 3000/4000/RGB/R/G/B)
Luminous efficacy (Lm/W) 104
Color Rendering Index (Ra) >85
Connection DC 12/24V (0.5-12W)*
Ingress Protection Rating IP68
Material Stainless steel and PLEXIGLAS
*It depeeds on the lenght of the lamp

Absolutely water-proof

Our sealing technology allows to achieve absolute water-proofness: the light-emitting diodes are situated in an optical polymer capsule and completely isolated from external impacts. That's why the TRIF ground luminaires are capable of flawless operation not only under water, but also in ice, within the temperature range of down to -50 °C! IP68/+ice protection.

Ultradurable ground luminaires

LANE luminaires feature 3-mm-thick stainless steel side surfaces and a body made from ultradurable Plexiglas, which enables them to withstand any deformations of the frozen ground. Heavy- duty vehicles, studded tires, salt, sand and chemical agents are not a threat to the models of this series. That's why the LANE linear luminaires are very convenient for arranging illumination schemes in places with high pedestrian and vehicular traffic intensity: the city streets, sidewalks, squares and parkings. The special-design fittings ensure steadfast installation into any types of pavement!

The TRIF linear LED luminaries can be manufactures in the ANTIVANDAL variant, which includes reinforcement with optical fiber and additional features to increase the body's durability.

Manufacture of linear luminaires

In addition to the standard models, TRIF manufactures custom-design LED luminaires for specific projects. Employing the RGB LED lighting control system will make your urban lighting arrangements unique.