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Implemented object: illumination of the Norilsk Nickel Corporate University in Monchegorsk

The Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company, a subsidiary of Norilsk Nickel, has opened a branch of the corporate university in the city of Monchegorsk, Murmansk region. The educational institution is located in the building of the former administration of chromite quarries.

When the Norilsk Nickel University branch was established, a deep reconstruction of the structure and landscaping of the adjacent territory were carried out. LED lamps of the Russian company "TRIF" were used to illuminate the facade, the entrance group and the site.

Linear LANE lamps are installed on the  building perimeter in two tiers. They form solid luminous lines along the floors, forming a general light contour of the structure.

Accent outdoor lighting is created by 6 JUPITER SPOT street lights and 20 SATURN WALL LED spotlights. These lamps beautifully delimit the facade without causing parasitic illumination of windows.

32 LUNA sidewalk lamps are built into the  porch steps and into the ramp sides. Thanks to them, the entrance to the Norilsk Nickel University remains convenient and safe even at night.

To illuminate the paths on the territory of the educational institution, landscape lamps-columns SQUARE 45 were used. Their main features are the upper section tilted at an angle of 45 ° to the vertical and a light strip mounted along the entire height of the column.

The general illumination of the university territory is provided by the PALACE R street lights installed on supports. The elegant minimalistic design, expressed by a combination of a thin round body and a mounting made of thin tubes, gives the model a futuristic look and creates the appearance of a lamp "floating" in the air. Thick-walled painted galvanized steel poles designed for significant wind loads are used as lamp supports.

All TRIF models meet the requirements of high standards, such as:

  • degree of protection from moisture and dust IP69K, indicating the lamp ability to withstand immersion in water, icing and washing with a jet of hot liquid under high pressure;
  • impact resistance class IK10, corresponding to the best vandal-proof properties;
  • climatic version B1, implying the possibility of operating the lamp in any weather conditions at temperatures from -60 to +50 °C.

A wide range of "TRIF", taking into account the features of the object when determining the  lamps’ parameters and professional design allowed us to endow the branch of the University "Norilsk Nickel" with architectural illumination, which makes it safer, more convenient, and visually attractive.