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The goal of the TRIF-LIGHTS subdivision is to develop absolutely waterproof and reliable LED luminaires for the use in any climatic conditions: from the Arctic permafrost to the hot and humid subtropics. Due to our waterproofing developments, the TRIF lighting fixtures are capable of continuous operation in water and in ice at temperatures down to –50 ° C and require no winter dismantling. The luminaires can withstand being exposed to salt, sand and chemical reagents, as the LEDs are contained in an absolutely waterproof capsule and the one-piece case prevent water and other substances from penetrating the fixture.

Every single luminaire passes 3-tier quality control on the company's production line located in St. Petersburg. The quality of our products is confirmed by the CE European certificates and Rostest certificates.

The luminaires range is constantly being updated and expanded. We continue to develop new models designed to solve non-trivial tasks in the sphere of landscape, facade, and interior lighting.

We also offer the development and manufacture of custom luminaires and other LED structures in compliance with the client's design choices. We provide a full range of high-quality project services and an optimal discount system.

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