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Climatic version B1

The ability to operate technical products, including luminaires, under the influence of various environmental factors is determined by the climatic version. Categories of this parameter are established by GOST 15150-69.

Designation rules

Climatic modification of products is indicated in the form of an alphanumeric code, for example, ХL2 or В1. The first, alphabetic, part defines the climate in which the device can be operated, and the second part, the number, is the permissible place of its installation.

According to GOST, there are 11 types of climatic version and 11 placement categories of the devices. One of the highest requirements for resistance to climatic factors implies version B1.

Features of the category B1

In the designation B1, the letter "B" is an abbreviation for "all climatic version". Technical products in this class are designed for both onshore and offshore use in all climatic regions except the Arctic. The number "1" indicates that the device is suitable for use outdoors at altitudes up to 4300 m, as well as underground and underwater. These lights are resistant to all atmospheric factors, including such factors as:

  • snowfall;
  • rainfall, including heavy rainfall;
  • dust storms.

Devices with climatic version B1 are designed for continuous use at ambient temperatures from -60 to +50 °C. And temporarily they can operate in a temperature range from -70 to +60 °C. In addition, their surfaces, which are exposed to direct sunlight, can withstand heating up to 65-80 °C without consequences.

The average annual relative humidity for category B1 devices is 80% at +27 °C, and the maximum permissible relative humidity is 100% at +35 °C, which implies condensation.

Climate design of TRIF LED luminaires

All TRIF LED outdoor luminaires have the B1 climate design. They are therefore suitable for outdoor applications in all regions.
Our models not only withstand a wide temperature range and all atmospheric factors, but are also able to operate continuously under water, snow and ice. This is confirmed by the compliance of products with moisture protection class IP68 or IP69K.

Call us, place an order online or send us an email, and we will offer you stylish LED lights that will please you with their reliability and durability even in the harshest conditions.

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