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IK 10 Protection Class of Enclosures

The IK10 protection class of enclosures determines the resistance of electrical equipment to external mechanical impacts (shocks)

What is the IK10 degree of protection? This specification defines the impact resistance of electrical equipment enclosures, the degree of their resistance to external influences. The International Electrotechnical Commission describes the IK code in the IEC 62262:2002 standard: “The degree of protection of electrical equipment provided by their shell bodies designed to shield against external mechanical shocks (the IK designation).” This standard defines the methods of equipment testing: mechanical impacts dealt with hammers of various weight, shape, and composition in certain climatic conditions. The lowest degree of protection is IK00, which stands for no protection. The maximum degree is IK10, which means the shell body can withstand the drop of a load of 5 kg from a height of 40 cm, with the impact energy reaching 20 J. For clarity, we have presented the data in the tables below.

IK code and impact energy (values changed in Amd 1:1998)


* No protection according to the standard.

TRIF is a Russian company engaged in designing and manufacturing street LED lighting fixtures with the IK10 degree of protection of the shell body.

We believe that public places require lighting fixtures with highly durable housings and enhanced protection against mechanical impacts. An increased risk of vandalism is involved in the operation of lighting equipment in Russia and other CIS countries. Unfortunately, damaging of street luminaires is not uncommon: the fixtures lose their aesthetic appearance, their shell bodies are ridden with cracks and chips, or the luminaires fail to function at all. As a rule, the easily accessible luminaires situated near the ground level are more frequently subjected to vandalism. Therefore, when choosing in-pavement or ground floodlights, take note of the anti-vandal properties of the lighting fixtures: the IK09 or higher protection class of enclosure, waterproofness, and anti-theft mounting elements.

TRIF's vandal-proof luminaires and floodlights comply with the IK10 and IP68 standards.

We manufacture absolutely waterproof fixtures resistant to external impacts. The TRIF lighting equipment can withstand ice pressure and temperature extremes.

You can have a look at our product samples and consult regarding your project in St. Petersburg, at 83 Lakhtinsky Prospekt, building 2, tel. +7(495)212-9302

Or in Moscow, at 47 Volgogradsky Prospekt, "Cube" Business Center, Office 113, +7(495)212-9302

Is it not convenient for you to visit either office? Send us an email at info@trif.ru. We'll answer all your questions and discuss the contracting options.

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