Outdoor Lighting For Russian Saunas: TRIF's Unique Luminaires For Footbridges

Here comes our new project and new developments! We have completed the mounting of outdoor lighting at a private Russian sauna in Leningrad Oblast. The client wanted us to add colors to the landscape and highlight the swimming pond. In addition, we were tasked with designing a safe footbridge for guests to descent into the water. TRIF has designed steel stairs with built-in lighting and an eye-catching futuristic design! It’s a unique development of our company; the TRIF RAIL luminous structures are capable of continuous operation in both water and ice!

TRIF's Outdoor Luminous Fencing Offers:

  • Absolute waterproofness. Sealed with optical polymers to achieve the IP68 level of protection. Flawless functioning during continuous submersion in water!
  • Robust design: a welded body made of high-quality stainless steel and the Plexiglas acrylic glass;
  • Year-round operation: no winter dismounting is required! The TRIF luminaires withstand both severe frosts and ice loads;
  • Longevity. Plexiglas comes with a 30-year fading-out warranty. This durable material is also resistant to chemical agents, acids, and salts. That's why the TRIF luminous fencing can withstand even the corrosive impacts of salty sea water.
  • Modern lighting design: dynamic RGB illumination.

We present to you a bath illumination photo outside TRIF lamps:

RGB Luminaires For Outdoor Illumination Of Russian Saunas

At a Russian sauna, outdoor illumination helps to both make the area safer and beautify the building and the landscape in a unique fashion. Various variants of RGB lighting come handy: flood lighting, accent lighting, and outline illumination of the object.

This project employs the RGB version of the JUPITER IO floodlights and the RGB version of the WAVE underwater luminaires. The JUPITER IO floodlights feature a durable steel body and a pivot mechanism that allows directing the light flow. The WAVE underwater luminaires also come with an easy-to-use rotating mechanism. The lamps of these luminaires are made from Plexiglas, and the light-emitting diodes are sealed inside an optical polymer enclosure. Thanks to these features, the luminaires will function even in winter, when the pond is frozen!

Don't hesitate to call us! We will develop an outdoor lighting project for your Russian sauna and manufacture custom-design luminaires tailored to your needs!


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