Светодиодные светильники для внедорожников, снегоходов, вездеходов - амфибий Арго и спец. техники

We have started to manufacture shock-proof LED luminaires for two-wheelers and other kinds of motor vehicles. TRIF's range of products has been complemented with lighting fixtures intended for various motor rally sports. This includes Trophy Raids across the impassibility of the northern regions in extreme conditions, Safari Rallies through sand deserts, Enduro Track Races across the rough terrain, as well as Jeep Tours across the impenetrable swamps of Russia. Our lighting products will also be of use for the owners of snowmobiles, Argo amphibian vehicles, quad bikes, pit bikes, and special-purpose machinery.

Our floodlights are manufactured in compliance with the IP68 standard, which guarantees their functioning even during a lengthy submersion in water and mud. You can wade through the slush ice, drive into lakes, welter in mud – TRIF's absolutely waterproof luminaires won't fail you! In addition, extreme driving styles increase the likelihood of rolls and crashes, which is fraught with damage to standard automobile headlights made of glass or plastic. On the other hand, the shell bodies of our luminaires are made from stainless steel and thick Plexiglas, which is capable of withstanding severe mechanical impacts.

LED Snowmobile Lights

We manufacture surface-mounted luminaires for snowmobiles in several design variants. These include monochromatic flood lamps or RGB floodlights with color-switching options and flash modes.

Floodlights For Off-Roaders

We are ready to manufacture custom-design surface-mounted floodlights for your off-road vehicles. Customizable are the mounting options, as well as brightness and color temperature of the floodlight! TRIF's LED light bars are high-performance shock-proof lighting systems that come with a 3-year warranty on operation in any climate conditions!

LED Luminaires For Argo-Type Amphibian Vehicles

The TRIF LED signaling lights and floodlights for off-road vehicles are a reliable alternative to burnt-out standard lamps on off-roaders. You can choose from a range of signal lighting colors and light switching modes. No matter what kind of a luminaire you need, we will make it absolutely waterproof and suitable for use both in the dry and during submersion in water!

Buggy, Pit Bike, Enduro, And Other Extreme Sports Vehicles

Motocross, rally or safari? The TRIF floodlights are designed for use amid mud, sand, and ice chips! The floodlights for extreme sports can withstand anything your vehicle is capable of withstanding: falls, rolls, any weather conditions. You can select any dimensions, brightness, color temperature, and lamp mounting options.

LED Work Light Lamps For Specialized Vehicles

The TRIF surface-mounted flood lamps are a perfect solution for additional lighting on a specialized vehicle. Compact dimensions, easy installation, energy-efficient light-emitting diodes of the latest-generation. Our shock-proof and low-energy luminaires are a perfect way to ensure safety at the site and boost the effectiveness of work in any conditions.

Write to us! And we will make searchlights for your SUV!

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