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New Linear Luminaires TRIF LANE Near MEGA Parnas In St. Petersburg – A Major Object Commissioned!

The Russian manufacturing company TRIF has carried another major project to completion. We have provided pavement illumination in the pedestrian zone in front of the central entrance to the hypermarket MEGA Parnas in the city of Saint Petersburg.

Created for illuminating vast spaces, the new modification of the outdoor linear luminaire TRIF LANE features a wide luminous part. We can manufacture linear LED luminaires of various dimensions and shapes, including radially curved lamps for composing circles and other geometric figures.

Neither the Russian market nor the international one can offer a product that would compare to the LANE in-ground linear luminaire. We are the only manufacturer providing a guarantee for our own, improved sealing standard IP69K/+ice. We guarantee the flawless functioning of our in-ground luminaires not only during continuous submersion in water but also when they are fully encased in ice! LANE lamps will not crack under the pressure of ice masses; salt and chemical agents won't corrode the body of the luminaire. Water will not condense inside the lamp leading to a malfunction. We guarantee that our outdoor linear LED luminaires will work flawlessly in all weather conditions.

Moreover, the TRIF LANE luminaires have a durable shockproof body, which an ill-minded person won't be able to break with a stone or bottle. Wherever you install our pavement luminaires, the vandal-proof design will keep them safe from mechanical damages.