Светильники для мощения TRIF HARD на Манежной площади в Москве

Our popular luminaire models from the TRIF HARD series have been installed on Manezhnaya Square in Moscow. The HARD series comprises in-ground LED luminaires designed for mounting in places distinguished by high pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The light-emitting diodes are encased in an optical polymer capsule, which ensures reliable sealing. All in-ground luminaires manufactured by TRIF comply with the IP68/+ice protection class. This standard enables the luminaires to function flawlessly while being fully submerged in water or encased in ice. Neither aggressive chemical agents nor ice chips and sand can knock the HARD-series models out of service!

Both the flange and the “cup” of every HARD luminaire are made from 3-mm-thick stainless steel, while the lamp is manufactured from Plexiglas. This enables the lighting fixture to withstand being hit with a bottle or run over by a heavy-duty vehicle, and even airgun shots! The enlarged flanges and hidden mounting elements ensure excellent protection against theft and acts of vandalism.

We successfully work with clients from various cities across Russia and abroad. Luminaires of our make are installed in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Lipetsk, Norilsk and Irkutsk, Yalta and Vladikavkaz. TRIF's products have passed the test that involved extremely low temperatures in the subarctic climate of Norilsk. Our lighting fixtures have also shown an excellent performance in Sochi, in the hot and humid climate exacerbated by the exposure to salty sea winds.

We also export our luminaires and floodlights; they illuminate objects in many foreign cities and locations, such as Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Riga (Latvia), Ermioni (Greece), Santorini Island (Greece), and Nice (France).

Soil TRIF HARD lamps smoothly work under snow and ice:

Lamps for paving of TRIF HARD aren't afraid of chemical reagents, salts, sand:

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