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Arranging a Lighting Scheme in Petrovsky Dvor Residential Complex (Moscow)

Once again TRIF products enjoy recognition on the part of professional landscape designers. Our luminaires were selected for the lighting project in the Petrovsky Dvor residential complex. Situated on Yunnatov Street, the residential complex was highly appreciated at the Moscow Urban Forum and various international exhibitions (MIPIM in Cannes and Expo Real in Munich).

Petrovsky Dvor consists of 4 varied-height buildings and boasts well-developed infrastructure. The complex includes a comfortable recreation area brightened by a monument to the first Russian emperor, which was created by Zurab Tsereteli. Petrovsky Dvor also has a parking lot, a kindergarten, as well social and commercial facilities. The complex is situated in an area with a rich history and fascinating architecture. Nearby is the famous Petrovsky Park and the Petrovsky Palace.

Well-thought-out lighting scenarios were a priority in arranging a comfortable public space at the Petrovsky Dvor residential complex. The project employed TRIF luminaires, model JUPITER IO 160, to illuminate the monument to Peter the Great. The designers also used TRIF LANE recessed linear LED luminaires and their curved version, TRIF LANE RADIAL. These models were selected for the project due to their stylish and modern appearance, as well as the wide range of important operational benefits. In particular, TRIF luminaires are distinguished by enhanced impact resistance, the highest degree of dust and moisture resistance in their class, and the ability to remain operational across a wide temperature range, even in ice or underwater.