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TRIF lights at the Kremlin. Backlight Borovitskaya square in Moscow

TRIF with Ai architects project organization completed the installation our lamps on Borovitskaya square, in immediate proximity from the Kremlin. The architectural ensemble of the monument to Duke Vladimir opened on schedule, November 4, 2016. The opening ceremony was held in the National Unity Day of Russia. It was opened by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and representatives of religious denominations. The event was widely covered in the media. There are a few working photos of Borovitskaya square, which lit by TRIF lights.

Unique luminous ring, symbolizing a halo, has a diameter of 20 meters. The ring consists of curved TRIF LANE RADIAL lights, created specifically for this project. 
In the photos you can see normal operating mode for completely sealed TRIF lights - it's working in the snow and in the cold. Our lights are designed for continuous operation in water and in ice, at temperatures from -50℃ до +50℃. And the TRIF LANE lights have increased durability and vandal resistance - TRIF engineers originally created them for use in places with high concentration of people and cars - in the streets, pedestrian lanes and parking lots.