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TRIF | Ilyinsky Square In Moscow: LED Lighting On Stair Steps. New Linear Luminaires LANE

In January, we commissioned another object in Moscow: the LED lighting system at the stair steps leading to the Cyril and Methodius monument on Ilyinsky Square. To fulfill this task, we created a new series of linear luminaires, LANE STEP.

The latest-generation light-emitting diodes, stainless steel, Plexiglas – all this ensures the reliability and longevity of the TRIF luminaires. We have developed a unique sealing system that allows achieving complete integrity and waterproofness. The light-emitting diodes are sealed inside a composite optical polymer enclosure. The IP69K/+ice protection standard guarantees flawless functioning even when the lighting fixture is fully submerged in water or encased in ice! The compliance of our luminaires with the IP68 standard is confirmed by the Russian Rostest certificates, as well as the European CE quality certificates.

Resistant To Seawater

Another advantage of the TRIF luminaires for stair steps is their resistance to chemical agents, as well as seawater. The LANE STEP luminaires are suitable for installation at seafronts and on bridges. We guarantee that our products work flawlessly in all climate zones and in any weather conditions!

Custom Manufacturing For Specific Projects

We also offer custom manufacturing of luminaires for specific projects, in full accordance with the client's technical requirements. This includes custom dimensions, brightness and color temperature. In addition, we offer RGB lighting options, which will make your object even brighter and more eye-catching!