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TRIF | Expansion of the lineup of architectural LED luminaires for facade highlighting

We are proud to present a great expansion of the architectural lighting section: new luminaires and floodlights for illuminating the facades of buildings and other architectural structures.

We have complemented our product range with the LANE FACADE architectural linear luminaires. They are manufactured with transparent glass lamps, while their brightness parameters can be up to 30 Watt. This allows using them for floodlighting the facade of a building or spotlighting separate facade niches. In this case, the facade linear luminaire is manufactured to fit the dimensions of the specific niche.

In addition, we have expanded the line-up of facade architectural luminaires: these are the JUPITER WALL series with ribbed bodies and the SATURN WALL series with smooth anodized aluminum bodies. Both series are manufactured in a range of dimensions and have a gradation of brightness parameters. We also offer solutions for non-trivial tasks: the JUPITER UP/DOWN series of dual floodlights with upward and downward lighting, as well as the JUPITER SPOT accent luminaire with a pivoting mechanism that suits for installation on any ceiling or facade type.

And if you need a bright and powerful floodlight, take a note of the JUPITER TURN LED facade luminaire. Manufactured with brightness parameters of up to 72 Watt, it's fitted with a convenient pivoting mounting mechanism for directing the light flow.

You can purchase or order architectural LED luminaires at our Saint-Petersburg or Moscow offices or submit an application online.

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