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Two-directional facade floodlights. Absolutely waterproof outdoor luminaires for upward and downward accent lighting.



Color temperature: 3000K/4000K/RGB/R/G/B
Power: 1,2 - 8,4 W, 18 W / 36 W
Power supply: DC 24 V или DC 350mA/700mA
Luminous flux: 204lm-1428lm, 3060lm/6120lm
LED luminous efficacy: up to 170 lm/W
Optics: 15⁰, 25⁰, 30⁰, 45⁰, 60⁰, 90⁰
CRI: 90
Protection class: IP69K
Operating temperature: From -60°C to +50°C
Installation type: Attachable
Material: Aluminum Amg 5 (6), Stainless steel and Plexiglas®
Customization: RAL paintwork; various sizes and fitting types
Lifetime: Up to 100000 hours

TRIF JUPITER UP-DOWN is a series of two-directional facade floodlights. Easy to mount on any surface.

All TRIF's facade luminaires comply with the IP69K sealing standard. The light-emitting diodes are safely protected by Plexiglas and a durable massive aluminum shell body. The JUPITER UP-DOWN floodlights can work in any climate and amid any amount of precipitation!

Two-Directional RGB Floodlights

The TRIF floodlights can be manufactured in the monochromatic R,G,B or RGBW options, with color switching by means of a remote control unit or pre-programmed operation modes.

We also offer custom designing and manufacturing of the luminaire models with dimensions and technical specifications tailored to your needs.