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TRIF participated in the coastal zone improvement project at Lake Pioner in Ramenskoye, Moscow Oblast

TRIF has taken part in another interesting project – namely, coastline improvement at Lake Pioner in the city of Ramenskoye, Moscow Oblast. The project was launched in November 2020. By voting on the Dobrodel portal, residents of the city chose the coastal zone of the lake as the target of improvement.

The first stage brought multiple new elements to the shore: a rotunda and a balustrade, stone-paved pathways, and a well-equipped recreation area with benches. New trees were planted to improve the landscape. And, of course, there was implemented a lighting project involving TRIF street luminaires. 


Four types of street luminaires were selected for the lighting scheme. To illuminate the rotundas and pergolas, the double-sided JUPITER UP-DOWN floodlights were employed. Each of them produces two powerful beams directed up and down, creating a particularly beautiful visual effect. The luminaires are sealed and fully weatherproof according to the IP69K standard. The AURORA A floodlight illuminates the statue of a mother with a child. This vandal-proof luminaire was designed specifically for illuminating monuments and memorial complexes. The ORION 40 spherical luminaires are also installed at the site. The rotunda is surrounded by our JUPITER IO 100 vandalproof floodlights, which are a highly popular lighting solution for city parks and squares. Each floodlight is fitted with a hinge, which allows for changing the direction of the light beam.

We were happy to take part in the lake coastal zone improvement project in Ramenskoye because we understand the importance of our work to the city residents.