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TRIF LANE ground linear luminaires: Illumination for the sidewalks near the TASS building (Moscow)

The building of the TASS information office was erected back in 1977. Since then, its appearance has remained practically unchanged, having become a recognizable symbol of Soviet urban development. Initially, its exterior was designed to fit in with the architectural ensemble of the square. But over time, the surrounding space has changed, which prompts an update to the appearance of the information office. TRIF LANE ground linear luminaires were employed to solve this task.

 The project involved several hundred in-ground lighting fixtures. The sidewalks near TASS received a bright illumination consisting of more than 280 linear meters of geometrically correct lines. This added a modern touch to the building's exterior.

 It is no coincidence that the LANE luminaires were selected for this project. Our products have many important advantages:

  • Durability.

  • Anti-vandal properties.

  • Reliable protection against dust and moisture.

  • High energy efficiency.

The TRIF ground lamps are capable of functioning even under an ice layer, at temperatures down to -60° C. The IP69K class of dust and moisture protection makes them resistant to any weather conditions. The steel body with heavy-duty Plexiglas withstands the pressure of tires (including studded ones) and being hit by stones and bottles. All these properties make TRIF LANE linear luminaires the ideal solution for sidewalk lighting in a busy metropolitan city.