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Implemented object: illumination of Nikolai Masharov Square in Tyumen

Russian manufacturer of LED lights "TRIF" took part in the improvement of the Square of Nikolai Masharov in Tyumen. Here, in October last year, was installed a stele "City of Labor Valor" and pylons, telling about the contribution of Tyumen residents to the victory in World War II.

The project involved the formation of a comfortable urban environment through landscaping, as well as through thoughtful architectural lighting. For the latter task TRIF provided linear lamps of series: LANE BAND, LANE RADIAL and LANE.

TRIF LANE is the basic model of the line of LED luminaires designed for installation in paving of all types. They are able to withstand:

  • complete immersion in water, icing, high-pressure washing;
  • high pedestrian loads, the impact of the wheels of machinery and vehicles;
  • deformation of frozen ground;
  • impacts typical of acts of vandalism.

Ground fixtures LANE are designed to operate in all weather conditions at temperatures from -60 to +50 ° C, which is especially important in the harsh climate of Tyumen.

TRIF LANE RADIAL is an analogue of the basic LANE model, but with a curved shape. These lights are used to form curvilinear light circuits. For landscaping of Masharova square we produced LANE RADIAL with individually selected radius of curvature.

TRIF LANE BAND is also an LED ground luminaire with an increased width. It has all the advantages of the LANE range.

Thanks to the lighting in the dark, the memorial in the square of Nikolai Masharov gained a special expressiveness, while remaining safe and comfortable. And we are always ready to offer original solutions for architectural illumination of urban spaces.