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Pedestrian zone illumination  in the city of Nolinsk (Kirov region) with TRIF KERB ground lamps

t is great  to see how the improvement of urban spaces using architectural lighting is becoming the norm not only in megacities, but also in small district centers. One example is the lighting of a pedestrian zone in the city of Nolinsk, Kirov region.

To create a backlight highlighting the curb line, KERB ground LED lamps were used. This series was developed by the Russian company TRIF for installation in curbs.

TRIF KERB are made to order, exactly in the shape of the curb stone, which ensures a perfect match of the lamp profiles and the enclosing elements. In addition to the lamp size, the customer can individually choose the  glow color (R, G, B or a combination thereof) or the color temperature of the white light.

KERB ground lamps meet the requirements of IP69K dust and moisture protection and IK10 impact resistance class. Throughout the entire service life, up to 50,000 hours, they will be operable both with complete flooding with water and with complete icing. The lamps are resistant to mechanical influences by the  transport wheels.