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Sliding light from TRIF: bright decoration of relief facades

The Russian manufacturer of LED lamps "TRIF" produces lamps for architectural illumination of all types. In particular, we offer sliding lighting models.

Sliding architectural light, or Wall Grazing, is designed to emphasize the façade texture. Such lighting is used mainly on facades with a natural uneven surface. For example, if it is an old or artificially aged brick, natural rubble stone.

To create a sliding illumination, the lamps are placed close to the wall and direct light from them at a small angle. Therefore, the luminous flux seems to "slide" along the surface almost tangentially. With such illumination, the material irregularities  cast shadows, so the surface relief is emphasized and the effect of volume is created.

Among the TRIF LED lamps, the LANE FACADE and SLENDER models are optimally suited for sliding architectural lighting.

The simplest version of LANE FACADE BASE is a linear facade lamp. It provides a luminous flux of up to 2600 lm and is designed for continuous operation for up to 50,000 hours. By default, it is equipped with fixed brackets for overhead mounting. On request, they can be replaced with mounts with a rotary mechanism.

LANE FACADE ARC has a radially curved shape, so it is designed to illuminate curved facade elements. It is installed by embedding in the lining. The luminous flux is up to 520 lm, the service life of LEDs is up to 50,000 hours.

LANE FACADE OPTIC with asymmetric optics provides particularly spectacular sliding lighting. LEDs with a service life of up to 100,000 hours create a luminous flux of up to 1940 lm. Swivel brackets are included as standard.

LANE FACADE SLIM is equipped with a lightweight housing that allows to mount the lamp close to the facade. The optics and LEDs of this model are similar to those installed in LANE FACADE OPTIC.

TRIF SLENDER is a linear lamp for embedding in street stairs and porch steps. It is equipped with LEDs with a service life of up to 50,000 hours.

All TRIF outdoor lamps are designed for year-round operation in any climatic conditions, fully protected from moisture and dust according to the IP69K standard. The exact dimensions, mounting type, light characteristics of the LEDs can be selected individually when ordering the model.

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