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Variants and sizes

TRIF KERB is a series of LED lights to be embedded into pavement curbs. The luminaire shape can be customized to match that of your curbstones.

Specifications KERB

Power (W/m) 2,5
Color temperature (K) 3000/4000/RGB/R/G/B)
Luminous efficacy (Lm/W) 104
Color Rendering Index (Ra) >85
Connection DC 12/24V
Ingress Protection Rating IP68
Material Stainless steel and PLEXIGLAS

Absolutely waterproof

Our sealing technology allows for achieving absolute waterproofness. Situated in an optical polymer capsule, the light-emitting diodes are completely isolated from the external environment. As a result, the curbstone luminaires TRIF KERB are capable of continuous operation underwater or in ice, at temperatures down to -50° C! The luminaires are compliant with the IP68/+ice protection standard.

Ultra-durable curbstone luminaires

The side surfaces of the KERB lighting fixtures are made from 3-mm-thick stainless steel, while the shell body is ultradurable Plexiglas. Due to this, the luminaires can withstand any deformations of the frozen ground, as well as being hit with a bottle or a stone. The luminaire body is compliant with the IK10 impact protection class.