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TRIF equipment in the paving at the Match Point residential complex in Moscow

The Match Point residential complex consists of four residential buildings with comfortable business-class apartments and a volleyball sports arena. All the necessary infrastructure is envisaged in the territory of the complex: plans are afoot for a pharmacy, shops, a fitness center, a cafe, a beauty salon, and a consumer center. In addition to volleyball, the sports arena offers many sports clubs. Arranged and landscaped according to modern standards, the courtyard is closed for vehicular traffic. The three-story parking garage and unloading spaces are situated underground.

The design office has achieved an efficient and high-comfort arrangement of the inner grounds with numerous rest areas, bicycle and jogging tracks, and segmental green spaces. The inner grounds include three zones with playgrounds for children of different age groups.

TRIF participated in the arrangement of the courtyard and manufactured TRIF LANE and TRIF LUNA Q ground luminaires for this purpose. LUNA Q lights are placed along the entire length of the bicycle track, providing convenient routing at night. TRIF LANE luminous strips adorn the central square of the courtyard.

The TRIF LANE and TRIF LUNA Q luminaires feature vandal-proof housings; an ill-minded individual won't be able to break or damage them. Our manufacturing technology ensures a high degree of dust and moisture protection: IP69K. Such lighting equipment has a longer service life and requires no maintenance expenses. TRIF ground luminaires are invariably low-voltage – if the power wires get damaged, they pose no danger to humans or pets.

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