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TRIF Residential Block Lighting Concept

Last year, our team successfully finished several large-scale projects for the adjoining territories of residential complexes. Those included the lighting schemes for the complexes BauHouse and House at Nevsky in St. Petersburg, as well as the Moscow residential complex Match Point situated on Vasilisa Kozhina street.

Modern residential complexes of the Comfort and Premium classes offer high-quality housing where citizens of every age group will feel comfortable. As of today, a residential complex is more than just high-comfort apartments with a streamlined layout. It also involves a well-thought-out ensemble of buildings and adjacent territories, cozy recreational spaces, technical facilities, a garbage disposal system, and parking lots.

As early as the design stage, TRIF's designers help customers to decide on the placement of all types of luminaires. If necessary, we can calculate the illumination intensity and provide assistance in the selection of equipment. Our TRIF-MEBEL subdivision designs and manufactures outdoor furniture and hardscape structures. Our experts will advise you on all possible solutions, select the materials and base builds.

As a visual representation of what the project will look like, we create visualizations or video presentations. Below you can get familiar with such a visual representation: the lighting scheme concept for the inner grounds of a residential complex.

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