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Finished project in Voronezh Oblast: the Osetrovsky Lodgement memorial

The Osetrovsky Lodgement memorial complex has opened its doors to visitors in Voronezh Oblast. The memorial was erected in the location where fierce battles took place between Soviet and German troops at the end of 1942, as part of the Soviet offensive operation with the code name “Small Saturn”. The complex includes observation platforms, avenues, parking lots, and the mass grave of Soviet soldiers who died heroically in the battles. The main focal point is the 36-meter stele. 


In the evening and at night, the memorial stele is spectacularly illuminated with red lighting. As conceived by the project's authors, this should remind visitors of the brutal and bloody battles that once were fought here. Besides, the red color represents solemnity and symbolically refers to the flag of the valiant Red Army.

For the lighting scheme of the memorial stele, we recommended the powerful TRIF JUPITER TURN floodlights. They are designed for year-round use in the Russian climate and are highly resistant to both mechanical damage and the caprices of the weather, boasting the IP69K degree of moisture protection. The luminaires are vandal-proof (compliant with the IK10 standard) – they easily withstand mechanical impacts, temperature fluctuations, and severe frosts. Each floodlight is fitted with a hinge; once the fixture is installed, you can direct the light at the desired angle.

Osetrovsky Lodgement is not the first memorial complex with a lighting scheme developed by TRIF specialists. We are delighted to be trusted to arrange the lighting for such important historical sites.