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trifLUNA Q

All TRIF in-ground floodlights are resistant to the corrosive impact of salts and chemical agents!



Color temperature: 3000K/4000K/R/G/B
Power: 1,2 / 2,4 W
Power supply: DC 24 V
Luminous flux: 204 lm / 408 lm
LED luminous efficacy: up to 170 lm/W
CRI: >90
Protection class: IP69K
Impact resistance: IK10
Operating temperature: From -60°C to +50°C
Installation type: Built-In
Material: Stainless steel and Plexiglas®
Customization: Various sizes and fitting types
Paving lamps protected from vandalism

Outdoor luminaires featuring a rectangular flange. Easy to mount into any kinds of pavement.

The LUNA Q pavement luminaires are a convenient solution for marking the boundaries of an area, for outlining pathways, as well as for decorative highlighting of public zones. The IP68/+ice sealing standard ensures the luminaire is capable of withstanding full submersions in water, as well as repeated freezing and thawing.

Anti-Vandal Pavement Luminaires

The body of every LUNA Q luminaire is made from 3-mm-thick stainless steel, while the lamp is manufactured from organic Plexiglas. The LUNA Q models feature all the technical specifications required from anti-vandal luminaires. Therefore, they are suitable for installation in public places distinguished by a high risk of vandalism.

Custom Modifications To Suit Your Project

We offer custom manufacturing of luminaires to suit the needs of your project. The client is free to choose: the dimensions of the luminaire and its flange, the suitable mounting option, the brightness and color temperature parameters. Special metalworking and painting options are available for the body of the luminaire. In addition, you can opt for R, G, B or RGBW light-emitting diodes, with adjustable and programmable modes of color switching.