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Outdoor anti-vandal floodlights and luminaires

In collaboration with the State Unitary Enterprise LENSVET, TRIF's specialists have conducted a large-scale survey of outdoor LED luminaires installed on the city streets and squares in St. Petersburg. The survey covered both in-pavement luminaires and architectural facade lights that had been in free public access for a long period of time (up to 10 years).

The experts determined the two main reasons for the majority of outdoor luminaires to start failing: the adverse impacts of the environment, and the human factor.

Adverse External Factors:

  • Extreme temperatures from -40° C to +40° C;
  • The impact of chemical agents that are used in winter. Salts affect not only in-ground luminaires but also lighting fixtures installed several meters above the ground level, in case the agents are distributed with the help of specialized equipment in windy weather;
  • High humidity, several days of heavy rains that are followed by near-zero temperature fluctuations and icing-up. When the ice expands in the cavities and apertures present in the bodies of luminaires and floodlights, it leads to a loss of sealing in the body and electrical junctions;
  • A large number of freezing/thawing cycles in spring, autumn, and winter (hundreds of cycles a year);
  • The cavities are filled with natural debris: leaves, dust, dirt, insects.

Human Factor:

  • Any cavity is eventually filled with all kinds of garbage: banana peels, cigarette ends, half-eaten ice cream, etc. Being filled with garbage leads to overheating and failure of outdoor luminaires and floodlights;
  • Intentional damage: kicks and hits with bottles or paving stones; attempts to wring out the luminaire; airgun shots;
  • Attempts to steal the luminaire or at least change the direction of the light flow.

As a result, the experts determined the range of technical requirements that would allow designing anti-vandal outdoor lighting fixtures capable of long-term failure-free functioning.

Technical requirements to outdoor anti-vandal floodlights and luminaires mounted at a height of under 2.5 meters:

  1. No cavities or apertures in the anti-vandal luminaire body;
  2. Using impact-resistant Plexiglas to protect the light-emitting diodes. It must be at least 10 mm thick for diameters under 120 mm, and at least 20 mm thick for diameters over 120 mm;
  3. Using hardened glass is acceptable in certain cases;
  4. IP68 or higher protection class (to ensure continuous operation while submerged in water);
  5. The anti-vandal outdoor luminaire body must have 10 mm or thicker walls if aluminum is used, and 5 mm or thicker walls if stainless steel is used (to ensure resistance to being hit with stones);
  6. The pivot mechanisms of floodlights must be hidden to exclude the possibility of rotating them by hand;
  7. Outdoor anti-vandal lighting fixtures must not feature any open and accessible electrical wiring.

Technical requirements to outdoor anti-vandal in-ground floodlights and luminaires:

  1. The upper flange is made from stainless steel with a thickness of at least 3 mm for pedestrian traffic and at least 5 mm for vehicular traffic;
  2. The Plexiglas plate protecting the light-emitting diodes should be no less than 20 mm thick (outdoor anti-vandal luminaires must be capable of withstanding the load and impact of studded snow tires);
  3. The upper flange and the Plexiglas plate must be within the same plane (to prevent dirt accumulation);
  4. Anti-vandal in-ground luminaires must feature the IP 69K level of protection (to ensure their flawless functioning in water and resistance to aggressive chemical agents sprayed under pressure);
  5. Class of an udaroprochnochta IK10 which provides high resistance of covers (cases) of electric equipment to blows.
  6. Any models that lack a flange (for example, the TRIF ICE series of LED paving stones) must feature a Plexiglas plate with a thickness of at least 40 mm;
  7. Regardless of the pavement type, all in-ground luminaires must have anti-vandal anchoring elements.

If all the above requirements are met, the outdoor luminaires and floodlights will function flawlessly for many years and require no additional maintenance and repair spending!

The Russian company TRIF designs and manufactures outdoor anti-vandal lighting fixtures in compliance with all the necessary standards and the technical requirements listed above. Unless special equipment is used, our luminaires are impossible to break or dismount! We have developed a unique sealing technology to achieve absolute waterproofness (the IP68 standard). Our anti-vandal LED floodlights and luminaires are guaranteed to work flawlessly in the Russian harsh climate conditions for many years, summer and winter alike.

Our anti-vandal lamps certified according to the IP68 and IK10 standards.

We can manufacture in-ground and facade anti-vandal luminaires, vandal-proof street lanterns, anti-vandal park lighting fixtures, as well as all kinds of ultra-durable LED stones. You can order an anti-vandal luminaire directly from the manufacturer. TRIF's showroom, office, and production facilities are situated at 83 Lakhtinsky Prospekt, building 2, tel. 8 (800) 777-5949, info@trif.ru.

Office in Moscow: 47 Volgogradsky Prospekt, "Cube" Business Center, Office 113.

In addition to manufacturing luminaires of the standard model range, we design custom vandal-proof lighting fixtures for specific projects. Our indisputable advantage lies in the fact we cooperate with designers and architects, which enables us to promptly bring to life the author's artistic concept in compliance with the complex technical requirements!

Contact us now! We'll manufacture the anti-vandal luminaires tailored to the specifics of your project!



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