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TRIF Luminaires In Rostov Veliky. Reconstruction Of The Central Square Near The Kremlin

The city of Rostov Veliky has finished the reconstruction of Cathedral Square and the old Kamenny Most Street adjacent to the Kremlin. Cathedral Square is the central location of the city, the main point of every tourist route, and a meeting and leisure place for citizens.

The reconstruction project involved removing the self-organized parking near the Rostov Kremlin, laying the walkways, and adding green spaces. The square now has an avenue of maples, and linden trees were planted near the entrance to the Kremlin. The public space improvements included new benches, litter bins, and flower beds. Stylized lanterns illuminate the space, and several types of our decorative luminaires were mounted in the paving and the retaining walls: TRIF BRICK and TRIF ICE. And the avenue is illuminated with linear ground luminaires of the TRIF LANE series. The result is a modern, multifunctional public space that does not draw attention from the architectural and museum complex.

The TRIF BRICK luminaires installed in the retaining walls of the stairs and the ramp both decorate the smooth wall surface and add more light for the greater safety of promenaders. TRIF BRICK luminaires are made entirely of German Plexiglass; they are easy to build into any retaining wall or paving and can be manufactured to match the size of a brick. The lighting fixtures are waterproof to the IP69K standard, so they can even be installed underwater.

LED paving stones of the TRIF ICE series are built as luminous spots into the paving near the walls of the cathedral complex:

TRIF LANE linear ground luminaires are installed along the avenue. Their soft warm light creates a cozy atmosphere for leisure: