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TRIF Landscape LED Lighting In Winter – Flawless Functioning Under Snow And Ice!

When designing a landscape LED lighting scheme, it's necessary to take into account how the illumination will appear in winter. Of course, it won't hurt to also think through whether the luminaires will be capable of functioning flawlessly during a winter that brings along ongoing snowfalls, severe frosts, as well as frequent and drastic temperature changes.

Many Russian and foreign manufacturers present in the market offer landscape LED luminaires with the moisture protection standard IP67 or lower. This means the integrity of the luminaire is guaranteed only during temporarily immersions in water! However, in a climate that entail long winters, landscape luminaires often happen to be fully snowbound or encased in ice! And in spring, when the snow starts to melt, the luminaires may become submerged in water. Therefore, the IP67 protection class does not suffice (not to speak of the lower standards).

Taking into account all peculiarities of the use of landscape luminaires in winter, our engineers developed a unique sealing technology for the lamps of our lighting fixtures. In our luminaires, the light-emitting diodes are encased inside a massive optical polymer capsule, while the lamp itself is manufactured from ultra-durable Plexiglas. The stainless steel shell bodies of our luminaires are at least 3 mm thick. This makes TRIF's landscape LED luminaires absolutely waterproof. There's no possible way for water to get inside the lighting fixture.

Our sealing standard IP69K/+ice is an improved version of the IP68 standard. It guarantees continuous operation not only in water but also in ice! TRIF's landscape luminaires work amid any amount of precipitation and during severe frosts!

We present to your attention the photos of a recently commissioned project in the suburbs of St. Petersburg (Russia):

This project employs AURORA floodlights, BAR landscape luminaires, and LANE linear in-ground luminaires. The special ultra-durable design of the LANE luminaires is a development of our own. These models are unique; no counterparts or analogs are currently available on the market! Follow the links to obtain detailed information on each luminaire model.

TRIF's LED lighting fixtures have passed multiple tests; their quality is confirmed by Rostest and Euro TUV certificates. In addition, as part of the system of quality control, we subject our luminaires to multiple cycles of freezing in the deep-freeze chamber and fast defrosting in hot water. Within one of the tests, we even shot our luminaires using an airgun! The massive stainless steel body and Plexiglas lamp make our lighting fixtures capable of withstanding being hit with stones or bottles, as well as airgun shots.

Our luminaires are used in many cities of the Russian Federation. Installed in public places with the highest pedestrian traffic, they easily withstand vandal actions of ill-minded citizens. TRIF's landscape LED lighting comes with a guarantee of flawless operation in any climate conditions, a durability level that will exceed your expectations, and great vandal-proofness. For more details, have a look at the article “TRIF Anti-Vandal Luminaires And Floodlights”.

Per your request, we can manufacture custom-design luminaires tailored to the needs of your project, with specific dimensions, brightness and color temperature. And landscape RGB lighting will look particularly beautiful in winter, with white snow as the background!