TRIF | Новое слово в наружной подсветке: светодиодные бордюры и поребрики!

The concept of a new LED product! TRIF has introduced a new product to the LED lighting market. It's the unique luminous LED border stones compliant with the IP68 protection class. The IP68 sealing standard guarantees full protection against water entry!

The metal body of the luminaire is manufactured from a 3-mm-thick steel tube. The luminous part comprises light-emitting diodes encased in an optical polymer capsule and shielded with Plexiglas. All this ensures waterproofness and durability of our products. TRIF's luminous border stones meet the technical requirements to anti-vandal luminaires.

Custom Designing And Manufacturing

We can design and manufacture luminous border stones tailored to your needs, with the required dimensions and the necessary luminosity parameters. Several metalwork and paintwork options are available. For particularly bright projects, TRIF can offer luminaires with RGB light-emitting diodes and a remote control feature.

TRIF | Russian Manufacturer of IP68/+Ice Outdoor LED Luminaries