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Lighting Scheme For The Lebyaziy Restaurant Complex. Finished Project In Belarus

TRIF participated in a major project in Belarus. Bordering on the protected area of a natural reserve, the Lebyaziy restaurant complex has opened its doors to residents and guests of Minsk. The restaurant is part of the Olympic Park residence that includes modern residential buildings and a multifunctional sports center.

For the lightning scheme of the Lebyaziy restaurant complex, TRIF manufactured many varied luminaires. The main emphasis was placed on illuminating the contours – TRIF LANE linear ground lamps were installed around the columns, in the paving near the walls of buildings, and the bases of the concrete cachepots. TRIF SLENDER architectural linear lamps illuminate the retaining wall at the parking lot. They are also built into the steps of the stairs. In the driveway, TRIF ICE spotlights are mounted into the paving stones. TRIF LUNA ground luminaires provide lighting for the walking paths at night. At the restaurant, elegant TRIF TAB luminaires were installed on the amphitheater steps in the leisure area, and several spotlights of the TRIF GARDEN series were placed on the lawns.

For this project, in addition to the lighting fixtures, TRIF also produced outdoor sofas with LED lighting. The open terraces are furnished with vandal-proof backlit sofas of the CITY series from our TRIF-MEBEL subdivision. Visitors of the restaurant can relax in the fresh air, admiring the mirrorlike surface of the pond and the local flora and fauna.