TRIF | Linear RGB luminaires of the LANE series: decorative illumination of the trees around TRIF office

We have upgraded the illumination of the trees around our office! To make the landscape design more vivid and eye-catching, we decided to employ linear LED RGB luminaires to light up the pines. These in-ground luminaires create lighting squares with sides of one meter around the trees. We used linear RGB luminaires of the LANE series: the modification with transparent LED Plexiglas. The dynamic lighting is operated via the RGB controller, while the color switching mode is synchronized with the LED color switching of the railing at the entrance to our office.

The linear RGB luminaires by the Russian company TRIF are a high-quality, durable lighting solution for city squares, parks and other public areas with heavy pedestrian traffic.

For more complex lighting scenarios, we offer DMX-controlled illumination schemes. The RGB luminaires for landscape lighting operated via a DMX controller allow you to use gadgets to adjust all the lighting scenario parameters, such as brightness, sequence, and speed of the color switching.

Линейные светодиодные RGB светильники TRIF

TRIF | Russian Manufacturer of IP68/+Ice Outdoor LED Luminaries