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TRIF | New completed project in the Crimea: A complex lighting scheme at the coastal zone of a Black Sea resort

TRIF has implemented a comprehensive lighting project at a vacation retreat on the coast of the Black Sea. Our luminaires were used to arrange complex illumination of the quay and the pier.

More than 600 meters of the retaining wall were illuminated by mounting the LANE SLENDER linear luminaires under the railing. Their warm soft light illuminates the walking zone and places a beautiful emphasis on the masonry texture.

The LANE SLENDER series comprises TRIF's thinnest embeddable linear luminaires. In section, the sides of the luminaire can be as small as 20 by 20 millimeters, while the length parameter is customizable and ranges from 330 to 980 millimeters.

In the pier area, it was decided to opt out of using traditional lampposts in favor of in-pavement lighting fixtures. Sixty-five wide LANE INTEGRA linear luminaires were installed to illuminate the pier.

The coastal zone of the reconstructed and renovated resort boasts of a modern and elegant appearance. Using our lighting fixtures, the designers managed to create a cozy atmosphere for walks and sports activities. We were interested in contributing to the reconstruction of such a large-scale object.