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TRIF manufactured luminaires for the new stela at the entrance to Domodedovo District (Moscow Oblast)

TRIF has manufactured the lighting fixtures for the new stela of Domodedovo Urban Okrug (Moscow Oblast). As conceived by the project's author, the lighting columns of different heights should resemble a runway going into the sky. The designers ordered TRIF to manufacture a batch of the BAR F luminaires, their heights ranging from 120 cm to 5 meters.

Next year, we intend to continue our cooperation with the municipal organizations of Domodedovo Urban Okrug. Currently, we are jointly developing a lighting project for one of the district's park recreation zones.

The columns for the TRIF street luminaires are manufactured from the AISI 316 stainless steel. As a result, the lighting poles are resistant to the snow clearing chemical agents used by the urban services. The lamps encasing the LEDs are made from Plexiglas, the German acrylic glass. We have developed our own assembly technology that ensures complete protection against moisture in accordance with the IP69K standard. Our own manufacturing facilities with three-stage quality control, the use of expensive wear-resistant materials, the certified compliance with the IP68 standard – all this ensures the long service life of our products. TRIF's street luminaires will last decidedly longer than similar lighting fixtures provided by other manufacturers!