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Variants and sizes

TERRANO is a series of classic LED luminaires to be installed in the ground. Featuring an austere geometric design, they are perfect for outlining the perimeter of modern buildings, museums, event and business centers. Our ground luminaires work flawlessly even when submerged in water or encased in ice, at temperatures from -50° С to +50° С! The monolithic capsule containing the light-emitting diodes ensures absolute waterproofing. The sealing standard is IP68/ice.

Specifications TERRANO

Color temperature (K) 3000/4000/5000/R/G/B
Luminous efficacy (Lm/W) 170
Color Rendering Index (Ra) 86-95
Connection 1. DC 150 mA (2.5 W)
2. DC 24 V (1.2/ 2.4 W)
Ingress Protection Rating IP68
Installation type Built-In
Material Stainless steel / Brass and PLEXIGLAS
Modifications RAL paintwork; various sizes and fitting types

RGB ground luminaires

We also offer the RGB version of the TERRANO outdoor LED luminaires. RGB lights coupled with a remote control unit allow to create bright and stylish illumination schemes for highlighting any urban or villatic object.

TRIF is a Russian manufacturer of LED equipment. We can design and produce custom ground LED luminaires of any desired size and brightness for your specific project. You can also order your TERRANO luminaires to be manufactured in the ANTI-VANDAL version, which is distinguished by enhanced mechanical strength characteristics.