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Luminaires For Installation In The Soil

TRIF | Completely waterproof IP68/+ice soil LED luminaires

The vast majority of soil LED luminaires currently available in the market are not suitable for continuous operation in the Russian harsh climate, in hard frosts and heavy rains. This is especially true if the soil lighting fixtures are installed in a public place: in pedestrian zones, squares or city streets. Such luminaires are quick to take damage: the glass parts get scratched or broken, the metal parts rust and deform. This inevitably breaks the seal integrity, and the luminaire fails as soon as some water finds its way inside the shell. The Russian company TRIF has developed a unique sealing technology to manufacture waterproof soil luminaires of the IP68/+ice protection class that are not afflicted with any of these shortcomings.

Flawless Work Under Water,
In Frozen Soil, In Ice

Below is a selection of TRIF soil luminaires designed for flawless operation in places characterized by intense pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Our lighting fixtures work when submerged under water or encased in ice, and easily withstand any deformations of the frozen soil!

We Manufacture Soil Luminaires For The Russian Climate

Our engineers have developed a unique sealing technology that ensures absolute water-proofness of the luminaires. The light-emitting diodes are placed in an optical polymer capsule that fully isolates them from any external impacts. However, if the luminaires are to be installed in the soil, even absolute water-proofness is not sufficient! In addition to being completely water-tight, the lighting fixture should feature enhanced mechanical strength characteristics. This will enable them to withstand the deformations occurring in the freezing soil, as well as the impacts caused by snow clearing equipment. Thanks to a robust shell made from 3-mm-thick stainless steel and super-durable Plexiglas, TRIF outdoor luminaires can withstand any ice impacts! The special-design fittings ensure the luminaires are securely mounted into any kind of paving.

Thus, the TRIF outdoor luminaires are compliant with the enhanced IP68/+ice protection standard. Our luminaires are capable of flawless operation under water and in ice. This is particularly important if the climate conditions are harsh. In Russia, the soil can freeze to a depth of over 1 meter in winter, and the luminaires have to work while virtually encased in a chunk of ice!

Robust And Reliable

The TRIF soil LED luminaires are manufactured from the most high-quality and durable materials. This makes them able to withstand the mechanical impacts of studded snow tires and heavy-duty vehicles.

Anti-Vandal Soil Luminaires

We also manufacture outdoor luminaires in the ANTI-VANDAL version, which is designed for installation in public places. These super-durable lighting fixtures easily withstand being targeted by hooligans!

Absolute Water-Proofness

The waterproof optical polymer capsule encases the light-emitting diodes and prevents water and other substances from finding a way into the luminaire shell. Our LED lighting fixtures are resistant to salt and chemical agents.

Unique Architectural Lighting

We manufacture luminaires intended for creating lighting patterns on the city streets. They're distinguished by varied geometry: lighting lines, circles, etc. The luminaires can be customized to suit your project: you can choose custom size, brightness and color temperature.

Info For Design Organizations

  • We design soil LED luminaires for projects with any technical requirements;
  • Full package of documents for participation in tenders;
  • Product quality confirmed by European CE Certificates and Rostest Certificates;
  • A 3-year warranty, including replacement of any failing luminaire;
  • Turnkey-ready designing and mounting, RGB lighting, development of lighting scenarios;
  • In-house unique sealing technology and the most high-quality materials ensure over 100,000 hours of uninterrupted operation;
  • The entire production cycle takes place in Russia, which makes us eligible for import phase-out programs;
  • Весь цикл производства в России - входим в программы по «импортозамещению»;
  • You can purchase soil luminaires directly from the manufacturer in St. Petersburg are Moscow.

Save your time! We can manufacture LED luminaires for installation in the soil, which will feature the size, brightness and color temperature you need. You will be able to replace other manufacturers' lighting fixtures without replacing the embedded parts.

Contact us and we will manufacture luminaires tailored to your project!