Тротуарные светильники

TRIF | Тротуарные светодиодные светильники IP68 /+лёд

TRIF  | Russian-made luminaires
for pavements featuring absolute
water-proofness and IP68+ice protection

The sealed optical polymer capsule
isolates the light-emitting diodes

Extra-durable structure due
to the 3-mm-thick stainless steel body

Absolutely waterproof

TRIF's unique sealing technology ensures absolute water-proofness of the pavement luminaires in compliance with the enhanced IP68/+ice standard. Our lighting fixtures work flawlessly when installed in the ground, submerged under water or encased in ice. They will not fail you in any weather and in any climate conditions, within the temperature range from -50° C to +50° C. Resistant to salt and chemical agents.

Unique architectural lighting

We manufacture outdoor pavement luminaires in any geometric shapes: luminous lines, circles, squares – anything your imagination can come up with!

Sturdy and reliable

The massive shell made from stainless steel and durable Plexiglas enables the TRIF outdoor luminaires to withstand the impacts of studded snow tires and heavy-duty vehicles. They are suitable for installation in places distinguished by intense vehicular and pedestrian traffic: in parking lots, city streets, squares, etc.

Perfect for city squares

We can manufacture anti-vandal pavement LED luminaires of any protection class. The ANTI-VANDAL models withstand being hit with a rock or a glass bottle, and even airgun shots!


Save your time

You will not have to dismount the luminaires in preparation for the winter season. The TRIF outdoor pavement luminaires withstand any deformations of the frozen ground. They operate flawlessly in winter, when the ground is frozen to the extent it's virtually a chunk of ice.

Save electricity
and protect the environment

We use modern, high-quality light-emitting diodes with a brightness of up to 200 Lm/W. They feature the highest energy saving indicators and a service life of over 100,000 hours!

We'll bring your ideas to life!

We can manufacture custom pavement lighting fixtures in accordance with the client's design, or create a design of luminaires tailored to your project. We've developed a variety of fittings for failure-free installation into any kind of paving stones and setts.


, устойчивы к соли, хлору и хим реагентам.

Russia-based production cycle

TRIF's production facilities, head office, and showroom are located in Lakhta. You can purchase LED luminaires for pavements directly from the manufacturer in St. Petersburg, at the following address: Lakhtinsky Prospekt 83, building 2 (Map).

The second office and the showroom is in Moscow, to the address: 47 Volgogradsky Prospekt, "The Cube" Business Center, Office 113 (Map).

TRIF Showroom and production facilities in St. Petersburg


TRIF is a convenient partner for design organizations

  • Designing LED luminaires for your project in compliance with any technical requirements, including production of anti-vandal lighting fixtures;
  • Turnkey-ready design and installation, RGB lighting, dynamic lighting scenarios;
  • A 3-year warranty, including replacement of any failing luminaires;
  • Rostest and TUV certificates confirming compliance with the IP68 standard;
  • The multi-stage quality control system and Russia-based production facilities make us eligible for participation in import phase-out programs;
  • We have all the necessary documents for participation in tenders;

Other manufacturers' burnt-out or broken lighting fixtures can be replaced without changing the embedded parts. We will manufacture the luminaires of suitable size, brightness and color temperature.

Call us at 8 (800) 777-5949, and we will manufacture the luminaires custom-tailored to fit your needs!