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TRIF ORION: spherical luminaires for modern art spaces, landscapes, public zones

The Russian company TRIF has launched the production of TRIF ORION, a series of spherical luminaires. These models are suitable for both private and municipal territories. Among our customers, there are design organizations involved with such urban premises as botanical gardens, parks, and modern art clusters. Private clients employ ORION LED spheres to decorate landscapes, lounge areas at summer cafes, and adjoining territories at elite ousing complexes.

We can manufacture the TRIF ORION spherical landscape luminaires in four diameters: 40, 50, 60 and 80 cm. Our engineers work on creating a hemispherical model.

Variety of TRIF luminaires for landscape design

Since our clients submit their orders without intermediaries, we have the opportunity to take heed of all their wishes and create custom spherical LED luminaires on individual requests. This is crucial when it is necessary to find a non-standard reliable mounting solution for the luminaires as a means of preventing theft.

In all landscape models of spherical luminaires, the LED element is sealed in accordance with the IP69K standard (fully waterproof).