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Thermal wood: What is it and how can it be used in lighting and landscape design? New luminaires – TRIF WOOD

Thermally modified wood is solid wood that has undergone a special treatment consisting of prolonged exposure to high temperatures and pressure. The thermal treatment utilizes steam and lasts for twenty or more hours, with a gradual increase in temperature (on average, from 115° to 200° C).

Thermal wood is absolutely safe for humans; it has no external damage and is devoid of odors. Such wood is resistant to both climatic and biological impacts, such as pests. Thermally modified wood does not absorb moisture, which makes it resistant to the adverse effects of dampness, such as mold and fungus. In addition, during the drying stage, the wood fibers are rid of polysaccharides which are known to cause decay.

That is why we have opted for the use of thermally modified wood in the production of landscape luminaires with wooden inlays. Equally important is the noble appearance of this material. The treatment places a favorable emphasis on the natural texture, while the color gains brightness and saturation.

We can manufacture LED landscape columns inlaid with various thermal woods of your choice. You can select the color of the wood to match the facade of your home. Below are the basic models of the “wooden” landscape luminaires of the TRIF WOOD series: WOOD QWOOD LIBRA, and WOOD R.

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