TRIF CANDLE – New Series Of Landscape Luminous Columns Resembling Candles

We continue to present to your attention the new models from the Landscape Lighting section.

TRIF CANDLE is a new series of outdoor luminous columns created specifically for the lighting design of public zones within the Federal Project “Formation of a Comfortable Urban Environment.”

Highly reliable lighting fixtures are required for illumination of public spaces. The luminous parts of all models of the CANDLE series are made of Plexiglas® – a type of high-strength polymethyl methacrylate. This ensures great durability: the luminaires will not be damaged by children, animals, lawnmowers, as well as irresponsible citizens and hooligans.

Through the use of AISI 316 stainless steel, we have achieved an enhanced resistance to aggressive substances. The luminaires can withstand being exposed to chemical agents and salts. We have developed our own sealing technology based on polymer resins, which ensures a high degree of protection from external impacts for all LED elements. In addition, the reliable sealing technology prevents condensation build-up. The CANDLE series of luminaires is certified in compliance with the IP68 standard.

TRIF | Russian Manufacturer of IP68/+Ice Outdoor LED Luminaries