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The vandal-proof street luminaires of the TRIF CITY M3 series feature a contemporary techno design. The IP68 protections class ensures absolute integrity.

Specifications CITY M3

Color temperature (K) 3000/4000/5000/R/G/B
Luminous efficacy (Lm/W) 170
Color Rendering Index (Ra) 90
Optics 15⁰, 25⁰, 30⁰, 45⁰, 60⁰, 90⁰
Connection  DC 24 V (1.2/ 2.4/ 3.6/ 4.8/ 6.0/ 7.2/ 8.4W)
Ingress Protection Rating IP68
Material Stainless Steel / Aluminum Amg 5 (6)/ Brass and PLEXIGLAS

The tilt angle of the CITY M3 luminaires is adjustable in the range from 45° to 120°, which expands its lighting capabilities.

Our unique manufacturing technology allows us to produce vandal-proof street lighting fixtures that can withstand being raided by hooligans.

In addition to the series models, we design and manufacture custom luminaires tailored to the customer's requirements.