Светильники для дачи

TRIF | Светильники для дачи IP68/+лёд, разработанные для российского климата

We use a broad selection of materials, combining them with a range of metalworking operations: stainless steel, anodized aluminum, patinated copper, bronze. Our design office creates many different types of luminaires for both contemporary-style buildings and traditional wood-clad houses. We develop models of various purpose: decorative in-ground and in-pavement luminaires, bright floodlights, conventional column-type landscape lights, wall-mounted lighting fixtures, park and garden lanterns, as well as LED stones. In addition, TRIF manufactures underwater luminaires for highlighting ponds, alpine gardens, fountains, and swimming pools.

Durable Luminaires For Your Countryside Cottage

Made from top-quality stainless steel, TRIF garden luminaires feature a robust welded design. This will prevent the owner of the out-of-town property from experiencing all the unpleasantnesses associated with less durable lighting fixtures. Our garden luminaires easily withstand strong mechanical impacts caused by grass-cutters, footballs or curious pets.

TRIF Luminaires Are Waterproof

In each TRIF luminaire, the light-emitting diodes are encased inside a waterproof capsule made from optical polymers, which completely isolates them from all adverse impacts of the environment. The IP68/+ice rating ensures our luminaires can function within the temperature range from -50° C to +50° C, under water, in ice or beneath a layer of snow. The TRIF garden lights also withstand chemical fertilizers and salts.

Energy-Efficient Outdoor LED Luminaires

Your electric bill will go down considerably since we use the latest-generation light-emitting diodes with the highest index of energy efficiency. You'll be able to illuminate your entire property with minimal power consumption.


Thanks to low voltage lighting, our outdoor LED luminaires are completely safe to use in places characterized by high humidity. They're suitable for installation in the ground or in the middle of a lawn for highlighting trees, bushes, and other landscape objects.


In case you don't stay at your countryside property all year round, you should know that getting snowbound in winter won't do any damage to your outdoor luminaires. A lighting fixture of our make remains fully functional even when it's frozen into a chunk of ice. TRIF's outdoor luminaires withstand repeated freezing and thawing.

Custom Luminaires For Countryside Property

We can manufacture custom-design outdoor luminaires tailored to your needs and preferences. You can select the suitable material, color, size, brightness and color temperature. At your desire, a stencil can be applied to the lighting fixture. If you opt for using RGB light-emitting diodes, we can develop a unique colorful lighting scheme for your property. The color controller allows switching between different lighting modes either manually or automatically, in accordance with a preset program.

TRIF: A Convenient Partner For Landscape Designers

  • Custom-design luminaires for any architectural projects;
  • A broad selection of materials and metalworking operations, stenciling of the client's logo;
  • Special-purpose anti-vandal luminaires;
  • Turn-key ready design and installation, dynamic RGB lighting programs;
  • A 3-year replacement warranty;
  • Quality confirmed by European CE certificates and Russian Rostest certificates;
  • You can buy lamps for giving in St. Petersburg or Moscow, directly from the producer.

Contact us, and we will manufacture unique luminaires for your out-of-town property!