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TRIF UNIversal series. A universal model for outdoor and indoor ligh­ting. Special set of fasteners allows to use UNIversal for illumination any landscapes and different facades and interiors.

UNIversal lamps are completely sealed. Our product is completely iso­la­ted from the environment - special monolithic capsule from optical polymers is protect LEDs from any damage and meet the standard IP68. Can constantly work in water and in ice at a temperature of from -50°C to +50°C!

Specifications UNIversal

Color temperature (K) 3000/4000/5000/R/G/B
Luminous efficiency (lm/W) 150-170
Color Rendering Index (Ra) >90
Connection 1. DC 150 mA (2.5 W)
2. DC 24 V (1.2 - 2,4 W)
Ingress Protection Rating IP68
Installation type Built-In
Material Stainless steel / and PLEXIGLAS
Modifications Aluminum Amg 5 (6), Brass, RAL paintwork; various sizes and fitting types

Lamps for a garden under the project

The supplied fasteners allows to install the UNIversal lamp anywhere on the landscape. Anodized aluminum, which is made UNIversal, can be different colors.

It is possible to develop and manufacture models according to individual design.