TRIF | Подводные RGB светильники и прожекторы - новые модели для подсветки прудов, фонтанов, аквариумов

We have expanded the range of our RGB luminaires. Now you can place an order for an underwater floodlight or luminaire in the R (red), G (green) or B (blue) version! And for the linear underwater luminaires of the LANE and LANE RADIAL series in the RGBW version, with a controller and a remote control unit or the DMX system.

TRIF Underwater Luminaires: 100% Waterproofness Guaranteed!

We manufacture high-quality, absolutely waterproof RGB underwater luminaires and floodlights. To this end, we have developed a one-of-the-kind sealing technology for our lighting fixtures. The light-emitting diodes are sealed up inside a waterproof optical polymer capsule, which cannot be penetrated by water! The basic material the “glass” lamps of our luminaires are made from is transparent or opaque Plexiglas, which is resistant to UV radiation, mechanical impacts, and the ice pressure. Thanks to these characteristics of Plexiglas and the durability of the reinforced metal bodies, our underwater luminaires boast of the IP68/+ice protection rating and do not break under the ice load during the cold season. This is a major advantage for lighting fixtures used in ponds and fountains in the open air. You won't have to worry about the luminaires being doomed to fail as soon as winter comes. And you'll avoid the financial and time expenses on dismounting the fixtures in autumn and re-installing them in spring!

The light-emitting diodes employed in our products have an operational lifetime of up to 100,000 hours. We provide a 3-year warranty for all luminaires, as part of which we are ready to fully replace any failing lighting fixture. LED lighting is known as the most energy-efficient in comparison with other kinds of illumination. Moreover, we employ light-emitting diodes of the latest generation, which features the highest indicators of energy efficiency. You'll be able to save even more energy!

TRIF offers turnkey projects: we will promptly create a well-balanced lighting scheme for the entire territory, select the suitable equipment, manufacture and install the luminaires and floodlights!

Custom-Design RGB Underwater Floodlights And Luminaires

If you need to fit the new underwater luminaires into an already defined space, we can offer a range of customization options applicable to our standard models. You can select the necessary brightness, color temperature, and dimensions of the LED RGB luminaires for your aquarium. We offer various types of anchoring elements for RGB lights intended for installation in fountains. You can also choose the materials your lighting fixtures will be made from.

RGB освещение - новые возможности для дизайна, светильники TRIF

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