Новая продукция - водонепроницаемые светящиеся перила TRIF RAIL

TRIF is proud to present a new offer in our assortment! As part of expanding the line-up of our products, we have started manufacturing luminous railings, handrails and other kinds of light-emitting fencing!

Urban structures are typically highlighted with the help of a variety of floodlights. But we have created a product that combines two features: on the one hand, it ensures stair safety; on the other, it offers a striking, eye-catching lighting design. Moreover, it's not just a railing with a lighting strip attached to it. We have developed a unique design to make the TRIF RAIL luminous railing waterproof, robust and durable! We manufacture luminous fencing products that feature complete dust and moisture protection in accordance with the IP68 standard. Our unique sealing technology with the use of optical resin allows achieving absolute waterproofness. The TRIF RAIL luminous railings and handrails are suitable for use in any climate and in any weather, including heavy rainfalls and frequent periods of freezing and thawing. The railing structure is highly durable, welded from 3-mm-thick steel. It makes the luminous fencing suitable for installation in public places distinguished with heavy pedestrian traffic. To ensure the longest possible service life of our products, we use the best light-emitting diodes with the most long-lasting performance available out there.

The TRIF RAIL luminous fencing offers new opportunities for illuminating stairs of business centers and shopping malls, balconies and entrance ramps of apartment complexes, as well as any other urban objects. We offer both one-color LED luminous rails and dynamic RGB lighting options. You can control the illumination scheme with the help of a remote control unit or a DMX controller. The control application allows you to pre-program several dynamic color modes, for example: daytime, evening and weekend modes.

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