TRIF | New floodlight in two versions! Architectural outdoor floodlight POINT and interior floodlight POINT IN!

We are proud to present to your attention the new luminaire TRIF POINT available in two versions.

For the private cottage lighting project, we had to develop solutions to illuminate the kitchen island and the flight of stairs. Thus, a new attachable spotlight was designed – TRIF POINT IN. The base of the floodlight is an aluminum case that simultaneously serves as a heat dissipator. The mounting holes are hidden behind the decorative perforations. Inside the casing is a built-in light source: LG-innotek, efficient latest-generation light-emitting diodes.

For use in the open air, we offer an outdoor version of the POINT luminaire.

The architectural floodlight TRIF POINT complies with all of our quality standards for outdoor floodlights:

  • the IP68 level of moisture protection;
  • marine aluminum with minimal susceptibility to corrosion;
  • long-lasting high-efficiency LEDs.

TRIF | Russian Manufacturer of IP68/+Ice Outdoor LED Luminaries