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Modern lighting poles from a Russian manufacturer. Suitable for public roads, parks, and public gardens. The luminaire wattage varies: it can be manufactured with 1, 2, 3, or 4 luminous segments.



Color temperature: 3000K/4000K
Power: 24 W
Power supply: 700 Ма
Luminous flux: 4968 lm
LED luminous efficacy: up to 207 lm/W
CRI: >90
Protection class: IP69K
Operating temperature: From -60°C to +50°C
Installation type: Attachable
Material: Stainless steel and Plexiglas®
Customization: Various sizes and fitting types
Lifetime: Up to 100000 hours


TRIF STREET SP SHORT is a modern streetlight manufactured to the highest quality standards in a minimalist urban design. This model fits perfectly into the landscape concepts of parks, public gardens, residential complexes; it's also suitable for illuminating roads and sidewalks. The Russian-made LED lighting pole of the STREET SP SHORT series is an excellent solution for arranging a comfortable space in urban public areas. Using this model in your project, you can be sure of its compliance with all the current illumination standards that are spelled out in the technical documentation in force in Russia.


Few manufacturers of lighting poles can offer high-tech solutions with a modern design that come at an affordable price. Fortunately, TRIF streetlights are an exception to this rule. The STREET SP SHORT lighting posts meet the following important criteria: 

  • The maximum degree of moisture protection – IP69K.

  • High luminous efficacy coupled with low power consumption.

  • Anti-vandal protection.

  • Clean ultramodern design.

The LED pole is suitable for installation even in regions with cold climates, as it can withstand temperatures down to -60° C. It is based on 4-5-mm-thick stainless steel in combination with ultra-durable Plexiglass. The degree of protection against dust and moisture complies with the IP69K standard.

Many manufacturers of lighting poles in Russia cheap out on materials, which reduces the service life of finished products or greatly limits the operating conditions. TRIF takes a different approach. The balance of quality and price is achieved through production optimization coupled with internal cost reduction employing automated equipment.


If you are looking for a lighting pole manufacturer that can guarantee the quality of its products, don't hesitate to contact TRIF. Our product designs are developed by our own bureau, and our production facilities are located in Russia.

When ordering a luminaire, you can select the most suitable configuration of the LED pole. Specify the desired dimensions, height, angle of inclination, wattage, color temperature of the lighting, and the color for painting the frame. The design variability allows for creating unique solutions for specific projects, while the professional competence of our team ensures that even the most complex orders are executed promptly.