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Variants and sizes

TRIF RAIL stands for luminous LED railing products. The TRIF luminous fencing has multiple applications: as the handrails of the front entrance stairs, as the barriers at the entrance of a sporting arena, as the balcony railing. We will design and manufacture any LED structure, tailoring it to the specific requirements of your project!

Specifications TRIF RAIL

Color temperature (K) 3000/4000/5000/RGB/R/G/B
Luminous efficacy (Lm/W) 104
Color Rendering Index (Ra) 86 - 95
Connection DC 12/24V (10 - 20 W)
Ingress Protection Rating IP68
Material Stainless steel and PLEXIGLAS
Modifications RAL paintwork; various sizes and fitting types

Waterproof LED Fencing

The TRIF luminous railing is manufactured in a specific way to safely isolate the light-emitting diodes from the external environment. To this end, we encase the diodes in a sealed optical polymer capsule. Plexiglas, 3-mm-thick steel and welding ensure high durability of the fixture. Our LED railing and fencing products comply with the IP68 protection standard, which envisages proper functioning even under water! That is why we can guarantee failure-free operation of our products in any weather conditions – amid abundant rains, severe frosts, and icing-up.