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Variants and sizes

The OCEAN Y series comprises LED luminaires designed for providing illumination on yachts and ships.

Specifications OCEAN Y

Color temperature (К) 3000/4000/5000/R/G/B
Luminous efficiency (lm/W) 150-170
Color Rendering Index (Ra) >90
Connection 1. DC 150 mA (2.5 W), 350 mA (6 W), 
2. DC 24 V (1.2/ 2.4/ 3.6 W)
Protection Rating IP68
Installation type Built-In
Material stainless Stainless Steel / Brass / Copper / Bronze and PLEXIGLAS
Modifications RAL paintwork; various sizes and fitting types

Absolutely Waterproof Luminaires For Ships And Yachts

The lighting fixtures are completely waterproof and comply with the IP68 standard. The light-emitting diodes sit in an optical polymer capsule that is fully isolated from the external environment. Water cannot enter the luminaire! That's why the lighting fixtures are suitable for installation on both above-water and underwater parts of the ship. The models of the OCEAN Y series can be used as both above-deck and cabin luminaires.

The OCEAN Y luminaires are suitable for use in any climate zones. In the northern latitudes, the luminaires can work flawlessly at temperatures down to -50°C, amid rains and snowfalls. And they easily withstand icing-up! In the water areas of southern seas, the OCEAN Y models work at temperatures up to +50°C, withstanding drastic temperature fluctuations.

Customizable To Order

Due to their resistance to salt sea water and wind, and well as their “marine design”, the models of the OCEAN Y series are the perfect solution for illuminating mooring berths and quay piers. These luminaires are also a great option for the lighting design of yacht clubs. We offer various kinds of metalworking. You can choose the material the luminaire will be made from, as well as its dimensions, brightness, and color temperature. We can also manufacture above-deck and cabin luminaires by the client's custom design.