The reconstruction project on Sapun Ridge in Sevastopol employs TRIF luminaries for highlighting signs

The first stage of the large-scale reconstruction project on Sapun Ridge in Sevastopol reached completion by the 75th anniversary of Victory. The range of renovation works included re-laying the main avenues with flagstone, restoring 52 units of machinery, landscaping, organizing additional recreational spaces, and illuminating the three-dimensional signs “Sapun-Gora” and “May 7, 1944”.

On this significant date, the Soviet troops stormed Sapun Ridge. The assault took place during the period of intense battles and heroic defense and liberation of the occupied Sevastopol. On May 7, 1944, Soviet troops launched an offensive in the Sapun Ridge–Karan section, and by the end of May 9, Sevastopol was liberated. Sapun Ridge was a crucial milestone at the tipping point of the Great Patriotic War. It also bore silent witness to the fierce battles that unfolded in the vicinity. When the memorial on its top was founded, there was created a museum with a diorama of the Sapun Ridge storming on May 7, 1944, which is nowadays the most prominent attraction.

TRIF was ordered to produce LANE INTEGRA linear luminaires with modifications that would allow for building the lamps into the cavity under the signs. The purpose of the luminaires is to highlight the sign without blinding passers-by. The lighting fixtures were manufactured and delivered to the site on time.

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