TRIF | The project in Korolev with our lighting solutions was included in the Federal Register of Best Practices for the Formation of a Comfortable Urban Environment

Every year, the expert council under the Ministry of Construction of Russia selects projects for the Federal Register of best practices commenced in the constituent territories of the Russian Federation. As of year-end 2019, five projects in the Moscow Region were selected for inclusion in the Federal Register. One of them was the project in the city of Korolev, which was nominated in the category “The city square as the center of attraction for people.” Carried out in two stages, the reconstruction involved large-scale landscaping at the Kalinin Palace of Culture and in the nearby Garden Square of the Conquerors of Space. The top 5 participating projects were actualized as part of the program “Formation of a Modern Comfortable Urban Environment” under the direction of Andrey Vorobyov, Governor of Moscow Oblast.

For this project, the Russian company TRIF manufactured a large number of LED floodlights and ground luminaires, which were used to decorate the city square and public garden. We will tell you more about our work and its results in the subsequent news with a photo report.

TRIF | Russian Manufacturer of IP68/+Ice Outdoor LED Luminaries