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Vandal resistant charging station.



Power supply: 220V
Protection class: IP54
Impact resistance: IK10
Operating temperature: От -60°C до +50°C
Material: Stainless steel aisi 304

The widespread distribution of electrical appliances and electronic devices makes it urgent to place power connection points everywhere, including outdoors and in public places. To meet this challenge Russian manufacturer TRIF has developed an anti-vandal charging station CHARGE G.


The model is an all-welded stainless steel post equipped with standard sockets. The basic version is equipped with two moisture-proof sockets. The charging station allows to power any devices working on the network with a voltage of 220 volts.

TRIF CHARGE G is perfect for placement in public and private facilities of all categories, such as:

  • urban public spaces;
  • areas of tourism, recreation, and health institutions;
  • individual household plots.

Our vandal resistant charging stations are suitable for charging mobile devices, electric bicycles, and electric scooters, connecting power tools or temporarily placed equipment. For example, they can be used for entertainment events.

Key features

Key features of the TRIF CHARGE G include:

  • IK10 impact resistance class, able to withstand any impact with energy up to 20 Joules.
  • Dust and water resistance: IP54 rating.
  • Wide range of operating temperatures: CHARGE G is designed to operate at the temperature between -60°C and +50°C.

All this makes the TRIF CHARGE G vandal resistant charging station the optimal solution for power supply in any location away from permanent structures.